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  • What does P2P stand for?

    P2P is short for Product-to-Product. It means we link from a partner or brand site's product page to a retailer's product page so that the consumer can purchase that product easily.

  • Who chooses the retailers that get displayed on the Brand’s P2P?

    The retailers are chosen by the brand. They decide which of their online retailers they want to give preference to.

  • How many retailers can a brand have on their P2P?

    We recommend 3 – 5 retailers to make it easy for the consumer. If you give the consumer too many options, they don’t make a decision. That said, a brand can have up to 8 retailers.

  • How do the brand products get into Retail Axis?

    We will give the brand a template to put their products into, once we have those, we will load them into our system. Every season that the products change or there is a new product, just load that template again, and we will get them into the system. We can also help you with getting the products from your system into ours.

  • How do the retailer products get into Retail Axis?

    We will work with the retailers to give them instructions on how to get the product into the system. If you are a brand, we just need a little introduction to the retailers.

  • What kind of javascript frameworks are supported for the P2P popup?

    We support jQuery UI, Bootstrap, angular UI with Bootstap, greybox, fancyBox, and more. Just ask, if we don’t support it yet, we are definitely open to supporting it.

  • I am a brand, can the P2P popup look like my site?

    Yes, we will work with you to get it to look like it is part of your site.

  • I am a brand, how do I add Retail Axis's buy now button to my site?

    It is really, really easy. Retail Axis is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. We provide you or your developer with a small bit of code to add to your product page and then it will automatically show up. We can even help you if you don't have someone technical around to help you.

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